About The Listening Project

In simplest terms, we are people who are really skilled at listening. It’s our thing. It’s a big part of our jobs, and we’d like to volunteer our expertise to those who need to be heard.

We know that there are many Aussies right now who would benefit from the offer of caring, agenda-free, red-tape-free, listening attention. We know how powerful and healing it can be to have a vent, a rant, a ramble, a clearing, a debrief. To be heard.

There are plenty of organisations (Red Cross/Vinnies/Beyond Blue/Lifeline/etc) who are well equipped to deploy resources in the psychological/counselling space for those who, devastatingly, have sustained significant damage. We are clear that we don’t want to duplicate anything that is being handled.

Our intent is to be of service to people on the fringes of the more structured models. Those who don’t meet the criteria for underwritten support.

Who we are

Lyndall Russell

MASS (Psychotherapy & Counselling) Dip Psychotherapy Dip Law (LPAB)

Lyndall is one of Australia’s most experienced, credentialed and diverse transformational facilitators. She is also a highly sought-after psychotherapist in private practice, working with adults, children, individuals and couples. Her clinical specialities reside in the treatment of trauma and personality disorders. And, in a unique meld of the private with the professional, Lyndall’s Corporate Psychotherapy business engages her in wellbeing programs with organisations as well as in an executive confidante role with industry leaders across private and public enterprise. 

Lyndall’s unique combination of psychotherapeutic perspectives, analytical ability and business acumen has established her as a trailblazer in her field. Her skills have been developed over thousands of hours of face-to-face and group consultations.

Jo Flynn

Jo Flynn is a powerful and dynamic speaker, a seasoned corporate facilitator, executive coach and successful business leader. 

She is highly trained in the field of Transformative Education and has worked internationally in sectors as disparate as corporate, not-for-profit institutions, government and education.

Grounded in 20 years of theory and practice, the underlying theme throughout her work is the creation of a supportive conversational space in which executives can prepare for organisational transformation through personal transformation.

Lyndall & Jo are supported by a magnificent Design Team.  Included in the team are other senior therapists and practitioners, some of whom are offering supervision and support to our Listeners, and others who are volunteering to be Listeners.  We have Admin experts who are running the back end of the Project, IT gurus who have helped us set up our web page and systems, Marketing specialists who are helping us build our profile – and more.  We’re couldn’t do it without them – their support has meant the world. Everyone is volunteering. Everyone is committed to The Listening Project. 

We are joined by Listeners from all around Australia, and some from overseas.  We are still welcoming new Listeners – feel free to join and help us to soothe our country, one conversation at a time.